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About Choupette


[shoo ● pet]


A term of endearment; Often used by parents in France to show affection to their children.


Choupette (Shupet) children's designer clothes from 0 to 12 years. The brand not only follows all fashion trends, but acts as a trendsetter in the field of children's fashion. In 2020, the company represented Russia at the largest international exhibition Pitti Bimbo in Italy. Choupette has been on the market for 14 years and has over 90 brand stores worldwide.


The history of the Choupette began with the desire of the founders to create quality and beautiful clothes for their own children and friend’s children, which, for all their advantages would remain affordable.

The brand announced itself in 2007 by presenting a wide range of goods for newborns and children from the year. Successfully occupying its niche and dynamically developing, Choupette gradually enlarged the assortment with new product groups, capsule collections and increased the size range. Today Choupette is an exclusive designer clothes brand for children from 0 to 14 years old. For 14 years of existence the Russian brand Choupette has won the hearts of customers from many countries of the world and fallen in love with even the punctilious buyers. Brand founder’s own children had time to grow, but the principle of attitude to the clothes Choupette remained unchanged: to create things which design and quality will be appreciated by any loving parent. The brand now extends the same unmatched quality and design to the doting parents of India!


Making clothes for children is a big responsibility, that is why Choupette offers your loved ones natural, hypoallergenic, European materials and strict quality control in production, convenience and comfort. We offer unique designs and attention to detail that remains unmatched.


One of the biggest parts of Choupette success is played by its own design office.

Cooperation with the London agency WGSN, which predicts world trends based on an analysis of cultural events around the world, allows not only to follow fashion trends, but also to act as a trendsetter in the field of children's fashion. Choupette design bureau is working on building unique patterns, so that each model becomes the most convenient for the child, and a group of technologists monitors compliance with quality standards. The company's pricing policy allows parents to dress children in unique designer clothes, which is comfortable on weekdays and holidays. Business strategy is playing an important role in the achievements of the brand. In order to keep the highest quality of its products all production facilities are located in Russia.